Get Your Fraktur On
  1. Wedding Frakturs
    Wedding Frakturs
    Marriage certificate frakturs make wonderful wedding or anniversary presents! A beautiful heirloom piece of original artwork commemorating a marriage. Completely customized to celebrate the joining of unique personalities, or filled with traditional imagery, these works will be handed down to generations. See Galleries I & II below
  2. Emergency Frakturs
    Emergency Frakturs
    Perhaps you are in a Fraktur Crisis! What a great idea, but you need Relax, I've got your back. Look through the currently available pieces I have created to save time in just such a situation. These are all 100% hand-done, I just have not completed the calligraphy portion. These can generally be completed and in your hands within 7-10 days. Please visit Gallery II (below)
  3. Birth Frakturs
    Birth Frakturs
    These pieces are colonial certificates recording births (and often, baptisms.). These are wonderful heirlooms to hand down to your children. They are treasured gifts for new parents. Traditionally, these include a child's name, date of birth, parent's names, and the town where the child was born. See Galleries I & II (below)

Other Fraktur Work

Frakturs serve many purposes

Family records
Blessings or verses
Retirement certificates
Dedication awards
or just artwork to enjoy!
Gallery I -Frakturs portfolio

A gallery of completed/sold frakturs to help you gather ideas.

  1. Traditional Wedding Fraktur
    Traditional Wedding Fraktur
    This is an 11x14 format fraktur.
  2. Blue Birds over Heart
    Blue Birds over Heart
    A fun 8x10 format wedding certificate
  3. Shepherd's Plain Farm
    Shepherd's Plain Farm
    This fun 11x14 format fraktur lists the complete history of deed holders for a property.
  4. Blessing of the Hounds
    Blessing of the Hounds
    This 8x10 blessing is available for the perfect person. price: $150
  5. Celtic Blessing
    Celtic Blessing
    Who says Irish and Germans can't mix a bit? This 8x10 fraktur was completed as a gift for a retiring church official.
  6. Brunner Wedding Fraktur
    Brunner Wedding Fraktur
    This is a traditional style 11x14 fraktur completed as a wedding certificate. Customized elements include an eagle, a sheep and verse.
  7. Birth Fraktur for Olivia Walters
    Birth Fraktur for Olivia Walters
    Traditional elements in an 8x10 format birth certificate.
  8. Grandchildren
    This 11x14 work is a fun idea for a family record.
  9. Wedding Fraktur
    Wedding Fraktur
    This fraktur is an 11x14 format customized for this new union.
Gallery II-A look at what's on hand - Frakturs to finish and artwork ready to go.
Please scroll through these for works that are in-house and available  for sale.
  1. Circle and Eagles
    Circle and Eagles
    An 8x10 format ready for the calligraphy to be applied. This could be finished for Marriage, Birth or many purposes. Completed price: $150
  2. ready to complete Ornamented Certificate
    ready to complete Ornamented Certificate
    This 11x14 certificate could be completed with calligraphy for many purposes. Completed price: $185
  3. Red Eagle
    Red Eagle
    A smaller fraktur (5x7) on hand and ready to complete as a certificate. Calligraphy applied would include name(s) and a date. Completed price: $90
  4. Blessing of the Hounds
    Blessing of the Hounds
    This 8x10 blessing is available for the perfect person. price: $150
  5. Heart over Birds
    Heart over Birds
    This 5x7 fraktur has room to include calligraphy name(s) and a date, or perhaps an inspiring verse. Perfect for a little birth or marriage fraktur! Completed price: $85
  6. Colonial Life Certificate
    Colonial Life Certificate
    An 11x14 format piece that can be completed with calligraphy for multiple purposes; wedding, birth, or dedication award. Completed price: $190
  7. Deer over Heart
    Deer over Heart
    This 8x10 format fraktur can be completed with calligraphy to suit your needs. Completed price: $145
  8. Celtic Blessing
    Celtic Blessing
    This is an 8x10 fraktur with traditional Celtic verse.
  9. Bird on Heart Birth Certificate
    Bird on Heart Birth Certificate
    This 5x7 fraktur only needs a few details to be completed as a birth certificate piece. Completed price: $75
  10. Victorian Bluebirds
    Victorian Bluebirds
    A step away from the colonial era...but won't this be lovely with calligraphy? This is an 8x10 and can be finished to suit many purposes. Completed price is $150