About Pennsylvania German Fraktur
Pennsylvania German Fraktur is an artform that arose in the southeastern counties of Pennsylvania during the 1700s.  These illuminated certificates combine folk imagery, geometric illuminations, and calligraphy.  They were created as marriage certificates, birth certificatres, baptism records and school lessons.  Traditional fraktur art is still created today to commemorate life's milestones.

About my work

I provide you with an original art piece created to suit your needs and ideas.  I can design a piece for you based on traditional fraktur elements, or you can load me up with ideas you wish to have included.  I gather my inspiration from traditional German frakturs dating to the 1700s & 1800s.

To create each fraktur I work with a dip ink pen on archival hot press watercolor paper, treated with a parchment technique.    It takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete a fraktur from start to finish.  I do have fraktur "blanks" on hand in event you are in a hurry (a fraktur emergency so to speak).

I can work in any size you choose, however, I generally provide work in standard size formats to facilitate framing.  I find that a 2 to 4 inch wide, plain, dark wood frame is best to display these traditional pieces (think colonial). Frakturs should be framed behind glass and displayed away from all-day direct sun.

All work is created satisfaction guaranteed. 

About the Artist

Nancy Landis lives on a farm in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  She learned frakturing technique when working at Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum.  She has been creating frakturs for over 15 years.

Nancy received her art degree from Allegheny College and her art education certificate from Millersville University.  In addition to fraktur work, Nancy works in watercolors or oils to paint portraits, illustrations, and other custom art requests.  To see Nancy's other artwork, please visit www.NancyLandis.com

Her family farm website can be seen at www.foxhollowsheep.com

Designing a Fraktur

Think of a fraktur as a collection of three elements; Calligraphy, Imagery and a Geometric border to bring it all together.

the Calligraphy-  Decide exactly what you want the fraktur to say. I can help you word it in traditional olde world english, Pennsylvania German, or we can stay completly modern. The unique fraktur script style enhances whatever you choose to say.

The imagery- This is what gives the fraktur character and makes it uniquely yours.  Images can be very traditional, symbolic, or can be customized to reflect specific interests. Include your childrens' names or a detail from your wedding. Does your surname have a meaningful translation or are you an avid skier?  Here is where we can make the fraktur truly yours.

The Geometric Border- the layout of the fraktur traditionally includes a border which can be simple or elaborate.  Which is more attractive to you?

Look through my portfolio and pay attention to things that catch  your eye.  Determine what you want to say.  Together we will create an heirloom piece of artwork that will be cherished for generations.